I want our server to be fast. How many other clients are using the same server as our firm?

None (if you have a dedicated server). You have complete control over every aspect of the server Web.Two does the set-up, hardware maintenance, and the high-speed Internet connection. For you, this means a fast and powerful Internet site. As this is your server, there are no limits on the CGI or other applications you wish to run.

Why is the this network so much faster and more flexible than other Internet providers?

Web-Two has been providing network services for nearly five years. We are easily one of the most savvy Internet groups around. Our network is a 100mb ether-switched network, with multiple high-speed connections to the Internet. Our bandwidth, as well as each and every server, is monitored 24 hours a day by a dedicated staff of professionals. Our Network Operations facilities are the envy of the industry.

Is Web-Two able to meet the demands of larger companies such as ours?

Web-Two already works with many large corporate clients. Our customer base is a mixture of small, medium, and large clients. We are able to meet the needs of a company of any size.

What if something were to happen to the server? If the hardware fails, does this agreement cover the hardware as well?

Web-Two is totally responsible for the server. All costs of hardware maintenance are our responsibility, not yours. On the other hand, if you create software problems that you are unable to resolve, we will be glad to assist. Any additional programming or configuration services are billable. Billing of any kind will be pre-approved in writing before work begins.

We are not UNIX gurus, and may want some CGI, PERL or Java code written. Is this included?

No, these extra services are not included in your hosting price. However, we do have a staff that is available for projects like this and offer competitive rates and quick turnaround time.

What forms of payments does Web-Two accept? Can I pay on my credit card?

We accept NO Creditcard. All prices are in US dollars. Overseas clients may arrange payment via wire transfer. Exchange rates are determined by our bank in the Netherlands.

I may need help designing and programming my website. Can Web.Two help?

Absolutely! We have a fully-staffed web site development center that is ready to tackle any task, from graphic design to linking databases to the web. Web-Two staff is ready to help you make your web site come alive! Please contact our design specialists at +31(0)23-5253067.